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brazilian ad agency loducca together with MTV brasil, have developed the new 2011 promo ad campaign for the broadcasting company. utilizing more than 600 balloons, each featuring an animation, a traveling spike moves along, popping the balloons in sequence, resulting in an effect similar to that of a flip book.

balloon popping flip book still images

credits: advertising agency: loducca sao paulo, brazil animation/illustration: daniel semanas/paranoid lab creative: dulcidio caldeira, andre faria, guga ketzer creative director: cassio moron, marco monteiro, pedro guerra director: duldicio caldeira executive creative producer: sid fernandes, ana luisa andre executive producer: egisto betti final art: sindicato vfx general creative director: guga ketzer photography: alexandre ermel production: paranoid rtv: karina vadasz sound track: hilton raw

via neatorama