bamboo chair jun zi by jeff da-yu shi 58 x 43 x 87 cm / 5.2 kg




the bamboo chair ‘jun zi’ by jeff dayu shi for dragon fly gallery – yisheyi project is made of moso bamboo inclusive of component parts, with a simple geometric form. the structure is composed of rounded box-shaped frames made of bamboo slats. while the front view of the chair appears like a bamboo tunnel at the base, the side view is similar to the chinese character which denotes ‘a noble man’ – in chinese literature and philosophy, bamboo has been a symbol of a noble man. the gaps between the bamboo frames provide the ventilation. each of the arches contribute to its neat contour. when one sits on the chair, there is a slight bounce which reflects the natural flexibility of the bamboo slats. the maximum load-bearing capacity for the chair is 200 kg.

bamboo chair jun zi by jeff dayu shi front view


bamboo chair jun zi by jeff dayu shi profile view which is meant to look like the chinese character which means ‘a noble man’