‘bamgoo’ bicycle transportation service system by sara urasiniimage courtesy IBDC





italian designer sara urasini has been awarded with first place in the service/facility segment of the IBDC 2013 international bicycle design competition in taipei organized by iF for her ‘bambgoo’ bicycle transportation service system. conceived for users in developing countries, the utility two-wheeler attachment is constructed with a minimal structure made out of natural materials, which are easy to find and possible to build by hand using simple tools. it has twelve containers that have been positioned symmetrically in order that they can be used as a stall in markets around villages. two simple holders attached to the vehicle allow people to remove the storage structure and carry it around while walking.

bamgoo bicycle transportation service system by sara urasini‘bamgoo’ transportation system overviewimage courtesy IBDC


bamgoo bicycle transportation service system by sara urasinisystem attachmentsimage courtesy IBDC



the IBDC 2013 (international bicycle design competition) is a competition for young design talent in the international bicycle industry awards which took place during the  TAIPEI CYCLE show (20 to 23 march 2013 in taipei) – for the 17th year running. concept entries were accepted in the following categories: bicycles, components, clothing and accessories, service / facility. of the total 391 entries, 22 were able to convince the judges. ten of them received prize money amounting to a total of 16,000 euro.