neža knific and klemen smrtnik from desnahemisfera design studio, were inspired by their dog bruce to create ‘bastards’, a made to measure dog wear brand designed in the technological way possible. the designer’s thoughts were: ‘if big sportswear companies invest millions in the development of sportswear for humans who run at 10km per hour, why does no one invest in our best friends who can run up to 70km per hour? instead of millions, we invested a lot of passion and knowledge, and took time to observe our dog and the way he moves.’

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bastards collar



neža knific and klemen smrtnik fused 10 years of experience in industrial design with a fresh outlook based on fashion, to try to create the most advanced dog coat there is. the bastards coat is made from a water-resistant, lightweight, and durable fabric with a matte finish and does not restrict your dog while running, but emphasizes his speed. their coat is made with an option to be ordered with a premade opening through which a leash can be attached to a collar or harness.

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the bastards raincoat was developed to suit all breeds. it folds into a small square waterproof pouch to be carried everywhere. the material is extremely thin and waterproof and it comes with an aluminum G-hook that adjusts the raincoat around its waist. the raincoat wraps around the body, making it easier for dogs who aren’t used to wearing dog clothing. it is secured with a distinctive magnetic fastening system and a simply adjustable hood with velcro, making it as tight or as loose as it suits your pup. the waterproof double zipper keys help place the opening for the collar or harness wherever works for you, everywhere else staying completely sealed.





the bastards collar is made from meticulously cut black leather. the star piece is the gt cobra® buckle, which is designed to be more robust than any other type of plastic hardware on the market, with a targeted tensile load of 2,2kn. it is lightweight with a quick-release mechanism that makes it the only stab-lock style fastener that will not open while under load. paired with cobra® D-ring, which withholds 22kn, it makes the perfect fit with the bastards leash kong frog buckle. the whole point of them is quick and easy release.

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the designers also created bastards chill spot to be the perfect pillow that can be taken anywhere to bring comfort to your dog. it is made from a softshell lower part and a velvet upper part. it comes in three different sizes, suitable for dogs of every size. the outer fabric is machine washable, while the filling can be removed through the zipper.

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the last element is a 3d printed belt buckle, designed and manufactured in-house. it secures the chosen length of the collar, which won’t move no matter the force, without marking the leather. the designers also designed the kevlar® aramid rope, which looks almost fragile but the material used is able to withstand 2.5 tons of force. the kong frog has a revolutionary automatic clamping mechanism, which only opens when touching both anchor points. the insertion is quick and safe, the clip is made to withstand extreme conditions and forces of mountain climbing. the mechanism enables easy, one-hand clamping and unclamping, even while wearing gloves.

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GT Cobra® buckle, with the strongest plastic buckles and an easy release mechanism

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the bastards G-HOOK is almost impossible to unhook

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bastards collar combines exceptional leather with cobra® D-ring, 3D printed belt buckle

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bastards raincoat

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bastards chill spot



project info:


name: bastards dog wear

designers: neža knific and klemen smrtnik from desnahemisfera design studio


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