design for the terminally online


Japanese company Bauhütte brings its ultimate gaming chair concept to the next level with a transformable setup. At the very start of the pandemic the team introduced a first version which was so cozy, it made staying home so much easier (see it here). The concept was designed for those terminally online gamers who prefer to streamline their day, integrating everything from monitors, microphones, and meals all into one setup.

bauhütte gaming chair



bauhütte gaming chair: start the day without leaving bed


Bauhütte (see more here) worked with 455-year-old Japanese mattress manufacturer Nishikawa to develop its gaming chair, dubbed the BGB-100FA bed. The setup is designed as an adjustable bed frame, which pivots by way of remote control along two points at the legs and lower back. The frame can be adjusted at an angle of 60 degrees at the back and 35 degrees at the legs, allowing the user to start their day without leaving their bed.


The gaming bed can be found on Baühutte’s website, and is available for ¥84,000 JPY (around $670 USD). Find it here!

bauhütte gaming chair



project info:


project title: BGB-100FA bed

designer: Baühutte