B&B italia introduces the new landscape collection as a vision of the changing home experience. the preface is one that many of us have become accustomed to in 2020 – how our living spaces have become a place to learn and work as well as relax, socialize and dine. the italian furniture brand’s new collection focuses on the evolving landscape of the house, not just through function but also an architectural necessity. the new roles of our homes are accommodated by these design objects, including works by mario bellini, piero lissoni and yabu pushelberg.

B&B italia's new furniture designs envision evolving landscape of our home
blitz by mario bellini (main image too)
all images courtesy of B&B italia



capable of being used as a dining table or desk, the highly sculptural ‘blitz’ by mario bellini introduces B&B italia’s new landscape collection. in a style reminiscent of a suspension bridge, an exterior of bamboo – an unusual choice for indoors use – defines a flat, slim and lightning bolt-like shape for its legs. the tactile, natural grain of the wood is left exposed to showcase the brand’s traditional quality and craftsmanship. this surface contrasts dramatically with the table’s interior, which is lined in a soft black finish that makes it appear to be floating on curved shadows.



blitz is more than just a table, it was a bolt of lightning that passed from my mind to my hands and through the pencil on to the paper,’ adds mario bellini. when not in use, the table’s 300-cm-long and 95-cm-deep top folds at the ends as if like origami. only 100 pieces of the limited design will be made.




B&B italia's new furniture designs envision evolving landscape of our home
cutter chair by mario bellini



as a homage to the work of artist lucio fontana, the back of the ‘cutter’ chair by mario bellini is slashed in two. its strong, decisive aesthetic is also functional, though. the twin backrests are comfortable from a front position, and they are also comfortable to allow a lateral position. users can sit in multiple ways, switching sides to socialize in different directions or face front-on when needed as a task chair. every casual movement is comfortably catered for.

B&B italia's new furniture designs envision evolving landscape of our home
the backrest is split in two to offer a variety of comfortable seating positions



to make these artistic yet both functional and social gestures possible, the ‘cutter’ chair is manufactured with a variety of material choices. the seating frame is made of metal and webbing, before being softened by a classic polyurethane upholstery. a sophisticated harmonic steel core is used to create the double backrest, which is then fully enveloped in grain thick leather underlined by saddle stitching.




B&B italia's new furniture designs envision evolving landscape of our home
a low edition of the liagò storage unit by piero lissoni



‘liagò’ is a new range of storage units for the dining and living areas by piero lissoni. they were inspired by venetian loggias, which are traditional architectural elements found in the city that are often made of wood with marble flooring. the reinterpretation maintains the frame and materials of these features but defines a new use and role within the home. the side and back panels are assembled to create a compartment inside for the passage of cables for electrical devices. this is made possible by folding, a construction technique that makes the joints between the top and edge invisible.

B&B italia's new furniture designs envision evolving landscape of our home
the elegant structure enhances discrete mechanism as well as hidden passages for cables



consisting of two low and one high options, ‘liagò’ can be equipped with an internal lighting system as well as a series of different trays and shelves. the exterior of light canaletto wood – available in 18 gloss and satin colored lacquered finishes – sits either directly on the floor or upon elegant adjustable steel feet. its upper tops can be finished in wood, lacquered, carrara white marble or sahara noir black marble. the interiors are equally as elegant, however, with a refined, silky, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, gray, melamine material. sophistication is added with discreet elements like soft seals, concealed hinges and hidden mechanisms.


I tried to freeze some architectural elements by imagining these pieces of furniture as if they were pieces of architecture. platforms, supporting pylons, containing sides, closed spaces – like buildings, and large terraces that open. in this case there are no people but, instead, one can place objects,’ explains piero lissoni.




B&B italia's new furniture designs envision evolving landscape of our home
the naviglio chaise longue and service table by yabu pushelberg



the ‘naviglio’, a system of curved, linear upholstered chaise longue and ottoman elements by yabu pushelberg, concludes B&B italia’s the new landscape collection. inspired by the connective principles of watercourses, the pieces express a visual dialogue between structure and form based on the sinuous movements of a riverbed. its backrest section and seating shape reveal a delicate balance between polygons and curved forms. organic yet ergonomically designed geometry blends rigour and softness together to deliver comfort. in the end, the backrest defines an irregular polygon with rounded edges.

B&B italia's new furniture designs envision evolving landscape of our home
both designs feature organic yet highly comfortable forms as if shaped by the flow of a river



upholstery made of differentiated density polyurethane cosily embraces the organic body of the furniture. this ranges from leather and fabric in a variety of colors to add depth and personality to the design. it is complemented by the ‘naviglio’ service table, which sits a transparent glass top upon a slender bronzed nickel vertical axis. this is supported by a polished marble base smoothly shaped as if found at the bottom of a riverbed.


we aimed to create a collection that was a visual dialogue between structure and form; how shapes interact and may be brought together to create their own unique whole. we began the design process by taking an assortment of simple organic forms and playing with their interactions,’ concludes glenn pushelberg.




collection info:


brand: B&B italia

collection: the landscape collection

pieces: blitz, cutter, liagò and naviglio

designers: mario bellini, piero lissoni and yabu pushelberg