BBsuit 0.2 cleans polluted air using wearable filtration technology at BJDW 2014

image © byborre




the ‘BBsuit 0.2’ is a wearable platform on display during ‘BJDW beijing design week 2014′ that uses air purification and filtering technologies to clean the air surrounding it. the outfit has been developed in collaboration between studio eva de laat, byborre, martijn ten bhomer from the eindhoven university of technology, studiofriso and WANT, with air cleaning technology created by squair, and infographic and graphs by daan spangenberg.


serving as a portable device both on and around the body, the garment uses cold plasma technology to enable possibilities for interactive communication and e-commerce. a tracking sensor records how many particles are in the atmosphere, with WIFI and GPS capabilities integrated into electrical threads in the suit’s fabric.

a wearable ‘BBsuit’ on the streets of beijing
image © petrovsky + ramone



the ‘BB suit: wearable air cleaning’ exhibition is located in the historic dashilar district in beijing, where it showcases how clothing of the future can contribute to the wellbeing of people living in polluted urban environments. 


‘we present the problems around the complicated topic of air pollution, but also introduce new materials, wearable technologies, and innovative production processes. we challenge our visitors to develop with us.’ says byborre.

the BBsuit0.2 in beijing’s dashilar district for BJDW 2014
image © designboom



the necessary high voltage components are locked in a sealed case, making it safe to wear, however the ‘BBsuit 0.2’ remains a concept model as the designers explore the full potential of its application. 


‘in the production process we are already integrating different kinds off conducting yarns, so we can place the sensors anywhere we want in the suit.’ says borre akkersdijk.

apples showing the difference in air quality by using the technology
image © designboom


designers eva de laat and borre akkersdijk
image © byborre


conceptual development of the ‘BBsuit’
image © byborre


an initial suit with WIFI and GPS was developed for SXSW
image © byborre



‘the first cycle’, a visualization of borre akkersdijk’s creative production process
video courtesy of niels hoebers