‘orlogin’ by ben broyde

israeli designer ben broyde has created the clock series entitled ‘orlogin’. his project functions as a realized research project regarding the use of two dimensional sketches in design and the way in which an artist relates to this planning medium. due to the layering of the sketch, there is an ease present to the production of a three dimensional product. the construction process of ‘orlogin’ was accomplished as if the three dimensional object were quickly sketched by hand, and they are completed without any post-construction finishing.

broyde’s process begins with base shapes formed from wood– a cylinder, rafter and cube. the shapes are then coated with a layer of paint: the designer must cut away at the polished exterior in order to expose the wood underneath. the glue holding these shapes together combines with the pigments, dripping lazily from the jointed areas. the result is a series of grandfather clocks roughly pieced together in a contemporary interpretation of an iconic household timepiece.

‘orlogin’, was featured during jerusalem design week, organized by the jerusalem center for design.

ben broyde: orloginwooden clock

ben broyde: orloginyellow clock

ben broyde: orlogin turquoise clock

ben broyde: orlogin green clock

ben broyde: orloginblack clock

ben broyde: orlogin left: ‘blue clock time’ right: ‘red clock time’

ben broyde: orlogin‘white clock time’

the making of ‘orlogin’