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The original Apple Macintosh rolled off the production line in January 1984. It was the first mass-market personal computer with a graphical user interface, built-in screen, and mouse. Designer Susan Kare’s pioneering pixel art gave the Macintosh charm, personality, and a level of craft that has never been bettered. Back with his ‘retrofying’ vision, product designer Ben Vessey has combined Kare’s nostalgic aesthetic with modern computing to create the ‘OS (Old School)’ — a set of 166 pixel-perfect retro icons and five dynamic wallpapers, available in dark and light themes.

ios old school 1
‘OS (Old School)’



This isn’t the first time Vessey (see more here) has turned back the hands of time. Last year, he launched the ‘iOS (Old School)’ theme for iPhone, a project that actually originated in 2012. ‘I first launched this project a decade ago with a 20 icon pack. The project proved popular, receiving lots of publicity, praise, and downloads. However, it’s been long overdue for an update, and I’ve finally been able to maximize its potential by adding more than one hundred extra icons, creating dark and light themes, and including dynamic wallpapers. It’s been a real labor of love, but a fun one!’ shares the designer. 

ios old school 4

nostalgic aesthetic meets modern computing




download your set of retro icons and wallpapers here!


The ‘OS (Old School)’ icon sets are available as a free sample pack with ten icons in the light theme, or as a complete set of 166 icons with dark and light themes and five dynamic wallpapers for £5.99. For those who want to fully commit to the throwback GUI, there’s a ‘Gold’ option that includes five custom icons. If you want to give your Windows machine a retro Mac look, ICO files and static wallpapers are also included in the download.

ios old school 2

ios old school 5

ios old school 3

icon sets are available as a free sample pack with ten icons in the light theme




project info:


name: OS (Old School)
design: Ben Vessey



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