‘roofer’ by benjamin hubert for fabbian all images © giulio favotto

comprising a system of coloured silicon tiles and differently shaped steel frames, ‘roofer’ by british designer benjamin hubert for italian lighting manufacturers fabbian involves the consumer in the design process of the pendant lamps.

the tiles, modeled loosely after those composing roofs throughout morocco, are manufactured from a flexible silicon polymer. the material is produced in different colours, and while it appears essentially opaque, permits some passage of light.

a range of differently shaped steel frameworks provide the base on which each tile is clipped. users can adjust the spacing of the tiles and arrange and rearrange their different colours to create custom, ever-modifiable pieces.

benjamin hubert: roofer different steel frameworks create differently shaped lamps on which to arrange the tiles

benjamin hubert: roofer three sample lamp configurations, using two different internal frames and differently coloured tiles

benjamin hubert: roofer the user-directed process of assembling the lamp

benjamin hubert: roofer full view

benjamin hubert: roofer detail view of the tiles on the frame

benjamin hubert: roofer detail view of the tiles unassembled

benjamin hubert: roofer concept sketches

benjamin hubert: roofer benjamin hubert assembles a concept prototype

benjamin hubert: roofer concept model in progress

benjamin hubert: roofer concept models of the different frame shapes