the need for more markers as a designer is a real struggle. in the pursuit for the perfect tone for each element of every project, you can easily collect a table’s worth of pens, which can be very inconvenient to carry or move for sketching, illustrating or rendering on the go. designer berkay gursoy has solved this problem, though, with a copic marker of the future. it reinvents the rendering pen with a RGB slider, giving creatives a palette of possibilities, all in a size that can fit into a pocket.

berkay gursoy conceptualizes copic marker pen with a RGB slider
from full to faded, you can shift the copic marker’s red, green and blue sliders to find your perfect color
all images courtesy of berkay gursoy



berkay gursoy’s copic marker concept combines all your RGB needs into one pen. it works in a similar fashion to adobe photoshop’s very own RGB color picker. here, similarly, the drawer can shift the slider for each individual color – red, green and blue – to achieve their desired composition. the sliders can be moved continuously as you need different tones.

berkay gursoy conceptualizes copic marker pen with a RGB slider
the pen offers an extensive palette of colors all in one



berkay gursoy created the concept through keyshot 3D software.



project info:


designer: berkay gursoy

concept: copic marker