bernadotte/kylberg's suite design at icehotel 365 alludes to midsummer in sweden

bernadotte/kylberg's suite design at icehotel 365 alludes to midsummer in sweden


the bernadotte & kylberg suite launching at icehotel 365 


winter is finally here, and the doors to the iconic icehotel 365 in northern sweden will soon open to reveal the otherwordly bernadotte & kylberg suite. thirty-two artists from all over the world traveled this fall to jukkasjärvi, 200km north of the arctic circle, to complete this year’s art suites and ice rooms. two such artists were award-winning design duo prince carl philip bernadotte, and oscar kylberg. called ‘a midsummer night’s dream’, the room marks the first time the swedish designers take on a project consisting entirely of ice and snow. 

bernadotte & kylberg suite
all images © magnus mårding



evoking midsummer with swedish flora + buzzing soundscape


together with the icehotel 365 creative team and florist per benjamin, the design duo introduced flowers and plants as new elements to the ice and snow composition – a first in the hotel’s history. walking into the bernadotte & kylberg suite, visitors will discover floral elements that permeate the furniture in the form of an ice block around the bed and a ceiling lamp shaped like a flower wreath. everything in the room, therefore, evokes midsummer – one of sweden’s most beloved periods.‘by alluding to midsummer, we have created a moment frozen in time that guests get to experience,’ share bernadotte and kylberg. more importantly, the duo wanted to build a concept ‘that featured swedish flora, making it available all year round with the help of ice, nature’s conservation technology.’

bernadotte & kylberg suite    


in addition to the art of ice and flowers, the designers have also created a soundtrack evoking buzzing bees, whistling winds, and violin playing. combined with carefully selected lighting, the soundscape will elevate the unique experience of this mysterious midsummer night at the hotel. the bernadotte & kylberg suite is now open for booking on the website or through the hotel’s booking service. some of the proceeds for this room will be donated to charity.

bernadotte & kylberg suite  bernadotte/kylberg's suite design at icehotel 365 alludes to midsummer in sweden



bernadotte/kylberg's suite design at icehotel 365 alludes to midsummer in sweden
design duo, bernadotte and kylberg




project info: 


name: a midsummer night’s dream / bernadotte & kylberg suite 

location: icehotel 365, northern sweden

design: bernadotte/kylberg

collaborators: per benjamin, icehotel 365

photography: magnus mårding

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