bernstrand & co. designs brightly painted bollnäs chairs for public use
all images courtesy of bernstrand & co. 




‘bollnäs’ is a collection of simple outdoor chairs designed for permanent public use at brotorget square in the center of bollnäs city, sweden. the seats were designed by bernstrand & co, and comes in three variations: upright, low, and children’s. each is made with a robust metal frame accompanied by a backrest and seat of pine. the metal substructure is alternatively painted red or yellow, to add accents to the surrounding environment. produced by nola, approximately 100 chairs will be permanently mounted to the square by 2016. ‘bollnäs’ was created in collaboration with karavan landscape architecture and marge architects.

the metal frames are painted in bright red or yellow 

bernstrand & co bollnas chairs bollnas city sweden designboom
‘bollnäs’ chair profile 

upright chair 

bernstrand & co bollnas chairs bollnas city sweden designboom
three variations of the design were created: upright, low, and children’s 

low chair 

small holes are placed at the bottom of each leg for permanent fastening 

‘bollnäs’ is a site specific seat made for brotorget square in bollnäs city, sweden 

bernstrand & co bollnas chairs bollnas city sweden designboom
the chairs are produced in sweden by nola 



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