‘holes’ by bertjan pot for arturo alvarez all images courtesy of arturo alvarez



created for spanish lighting brand arturo alvarez, ‘holes’ by netherlands-based designer bertjan pot, is a hanging lamp whose form draws on kites and mathematical geometry. on show at milan design week 2011, the lighting object made-up of 20 triangles of Tyvek® – a non woven material made from polyethylene fibers –  with a structural composition consisting of 30 bars and 12 connectors. 57 holes have been punched through its skin, allowing beams of light to escape from the polyhedron. the use of Tyvek® makes the lamp lightweight, waterproof, with a high tear resistance and completely recyclable.



bertjan pot: holes for arturo alvarez 57 holes cut into the lamp’s skin allow light to escape from within



bertjan pot: holes for arturo alvarez ‘holes’ illuminated