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betteair introduces world’s first shower tile made of glazed titanium steel

the threshold-free shower tile betteair offers planning security for creative free thinkers – seamless, floor-level and almost invisible. in the design world, it is often the case that ‘less is more’. the unique betteair is an impressive example of this.

betteair introduces world’s first shower tile made of glazed titanium steel
the betteair threshold-free shower tile creates a whole new sense of space in the bathroom




Clear form, forward-looking technology


betteair is the world’s first shower tile made of glazed titanium steel. it is so extremely flat that it becomes completely one with the bathroom floor. if desired, betteair can be so subtle in color that it’s no longer noticeable. behind this optical ‘less is more’ principle is true innovation.

betteair impresses not only with its shape and material quality but also with its modern drainage process based on pioneering technology. the four components – drain cover, drain adapter, minimum support, and basic sound insulation set – are pre-assembled. betteair can thus be glued directly onto the screed without joints.

betteair introduces world’s first shower tile made of glazed titanium steel

betteair introduces world’s first shower tile made of glazed titanium steel
the color of the betteair shower tile can also be adapted to the concepts of architects and planners



A bathroom highlight with many advantages


in order to be able to offer this revolutionary installation technology, the product body was adapted to conventional tiles in large format with a height of only ten millimeters. at the same time, the pointed corners of the shower tile fit perfectly into any tile grid. betteair blends in seamlessly without tilts and edges. for flexible installation on the bare floor, the universal installation system developed by bette can, of course, be used as usual.

with 31 colours – including 22 matt colours – the simple design by tesseraux + partner supports the visual concepts of planners and architects in every way. the shower tile can be used either as a special eye-catcher or to create a harmonious overall appearance. betteair offers more space for fresh ideas in the bathroom.

betteair introduces world’s first shower tile made of glazed titanium steel
eight dimensional variants are available with betteair. installation remains simple in every case thanks to plug to play



the eight-dimensional variants meet the exact ideas of architects and planners


betteair is available in eight-dimensional variants to meet the exact ideas of architects and planners – from small standard formats to generous surface dimensions. the titanium steel with our proven wafer-thin bette glaze proves to be extremely durable, scratch-resistant, non-porous, UV-resistant, and harder than marble, plastic, or mineral casting.

the high-quality shower tile can be combined with the well-known extras from bette: the betteantirutsch pro surface, which provides extra safety and standard-compliant slip resistance, the betteantirutsch sense variant, which activates the friction effect only on contact with water, and the betteglasur plus surface finish, which has a highly water-repellent effect thanks to a crystal-clear polymer film.





all bette products are 100% recyclable and free of chemicals or solvents


betteair is manufactured with a first-class eco-balance at the company’s own production site in delbrück. at bette, ‘made in germany’ stands not only for premium quality in production but also for sustainability. all bette products are one hundred per cent recyclable and free of chemicals or solvents. in addition, bette generates two-thirds of the electricity consumed here from its own sources.

the east westphalian family business, which has stood for architectural bath elements in perfection since 1952, has been working with the potsdam design office tesseraux + partner for some time. they are united by the shared vision of shaping the future of bathroom culture in the premium segment. their common foundation is their innovative spirit.

with betteair, the office of tesseraux + partners highlights the company’s strength in processing high-quality and sophisticated titanium steel. because as robust as the material is as a shower tile, it is also complicated to manufacture. thanks to this successful combination of pure design and masterful implementation, betteair completes the evolution of the shower tray into an enamelled steel shower surface.



guest feature by mareile morawietz / architonic


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