at a time when sustainability is increasingly being practiced in the world of surfing, designer ruben verdadeiro from portuguese startup BEWATER ADPAT is debuting ECOPRO — the first ever traction pad made of agglomerated cork. natural, versatile and sustainable, the design is a great alternative to conventional traction pads typically built from petroleum materials which negatively impact global pollution. 

BEWATER ADPAT ecopro cork traction pad designboom
the traction pad is fully developed in cork



working as an executive director at BEWATER ADPAT, ruben verdadeiro saw it as a challenge to develop a functional deck which consists almost entirely of natural materials. but in the end, after much research and studies, the surfing pad successfully creates an alternative to current designs and manufacturing techniques. verdadeiro is expected to release two models of the cork traction pads under the name ECOPRO. the designer has already introduced the product to surfboards manufacturers, coaches and surf shops, who have received it with much curiosity and great enthusiasm.

BEWATER ADPAT ecopro cork traction pad designboom
designer ruben verdadeiro from BEWATER ADPAT is expected to release two models on the market



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