‘qlocktwo’, created by german product design studio biegert & funk, is a clock that tells time in words. it has a quadratic matrix of letter. some of these characters glow in pure white, thus, forming words that describe the time in five minute intervals.  for more accurate timing, users can look at the illuminated dots in the corner which show individual minutes. with the help of its built in brightness sensor, the illuminating power of the letters are automatically adjusted.

biegert + funk: qlocktwo 450mm x 450mm x 20 mm international electricity supply 110V/220V weight is approximately 4 kg image © designboom

the front surface of ‘qlocktwo’ is supported by eight magnets allowing it to be replaced without visible attachments. this design is also available in satin stainless steel or five colours of polished synthetic glass.

‘qlocktwo’ was showcased at ICFF during new york design week 2010. for more info on ‘qlocktwo’, see designboom’s previous coverage here.

biegert + funk: qlocktwo detail image © designboom

biegert + funk: qlocktwo the all-white version

biegert + funk: qlocktwo pictured at the ICFF booth image © designboom

biegert + funk: qlocktwo detail image © designboom

biegert + funk: qlocktwo ‘qlocktwo’ is available in different languages such as german, spanish, italian, dutch and french. colors include black ice tea, cherry cake, vanilla sugar, frozen blackburry, lime juice and light caramel.

biegert + funk: qlocktwo andreas funk and marco biegert of design studio biegert & funk image © designboom