patented flipcrown headset locknut allows bike handlebars to turn 90°
images courtesy of flipcrown




with the rising number of people living in cities which is already above 50%, every square foot of space counts. the ‘flipcrown’, developed by the self-named start-up company, is a patent pending headset locknut that enables handlebars to be turned or flipped by 90°, for easy storage. positing the steering bars parallel with the bike’s top-tube, owners can lean it against or even mount it on the wall. it can be retrofitted to most two-wheelers by replacing the standard locknut on the threaded headset, but does come standard to the special edition ‘slimbikes’. combined with chrome quick-release pedals and a custom bicycle shelf, the narrow space solving design is seeking funding via its indiegogo campaign.


the smart bicycle storage solution
video courtesy of rob de schutter

the turned handlebars run parallel to the bike’s top-tube


when mounted, the bicycle can be displayed like a work of art


it makes for easy storage and parking in small or packed spaces


groups of two-wheelers can be arranged closer together


the device is already installed on the special edition slimbikes but can be fitted to regular ones




the patent pending headset locknut




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