shifting between a meditative sculpture and a device, the lash clock by multidisciplinary french artist bina baitel offers an intriguing experience in the perception of time. numbers, clock hands and ticking sounds all together disappear in this eery timepiece mural, allowing us to contemplate time rather than endure it.



lash clock
video courtesy of bina baitel



bina baitel’s lash clock appears like an indefinite and static object at first but if one takes a closer look, slight movements become visible — like the beat of an eyelash. indeed, fibers can be seen straightening up by slowly moving away from one another. gently brushing time, this sculptural device also fills the practical everyday clock function of reading time. in other words, minutes can be read thanks to the gap created by fibers that move every second while hours are marked by a slightly wider gap created by these eyelash-like strings. 


the lash clock is on show at the museum complex of grand-hornu in belgium, as part of the ‘telling time’ exhibition running from january 22 to april 30, 2017. featured artists all bring in a fresh perspective when it comes to the traditional craft of watchmaking and the typical perception of time. this exhibition is curated by the museum of contemporary design and applied arts (MUDAC) in lausanne.

bina baitel's lash clock gently strokes passing time
the time is shown through the gap between fibers

bina baitel's lash clock gently strokes passing time
detail of tie-dye hair clock: fibers straighten up every second

bina baitel's lash clock gently strokes passing time
blue tie-dye version



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