design fabrika revitalizes metal garbage containers in bins collection
all photos courtesy of design studio fabrika




for their new ‘bins’ series  czech studio design fabrika looked to the past to create functional, gritty pieces for the present.  the once ubiquitous metal bin, long since replaced by plastic receptacles, projects a raw functionality via its brazen steel construction.  once a feature of every street-scape, the humble garbage container moves indoors via seven iterations, including:  chair, stool, washbasin, ice bucket, footrest, dressing table and the all important keg station. the pieces maintain the proportions and character of their original purpose while creating items suited for a range of environs

bins collection design fabrika designboom
bin chair from the back includes the original handle from its prior life

each piece in the collection presents a new approach to the classic bin

bins collection design fabrika designboom
each bin dressing table conceals storage capabilities in the body of the work

bin table doubles an ice bucket, allowing easy access and a spot to rest one’s drink

bins collection design fabrika designboom
the draft version easily stores a keg while offering a stable platform to draw beer

bin basin melds a sink with a smooth porcelain finish and chrome faucet with the rugged finish

bins collection design fabrika designboom
the footrest and chair versions of the series offer a comfortable combination for a range of settings 



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edited by: trevor reed | designboom