amogh jadhav introduces ‘cassava clasp’, a bio-based, bio-degradable food packaging which can be easily used on the go. conveniently opening up into a bowl when needed, the clasp can be simply thrown away when the user is done eating. the innovation is made from cassava sheets which have been synthesized as part of the design project.

cassava clasp material innovation 1the clasp wraps itself so that it can be carried anywhere



the sheets can be made with simple home utensils, a stove and some cassava beadsamogh jadhav explains. the clasp can be molded into any shape which is retained after force is removed. the project is essentially an attempt to explore new bio-degradable alternatives in our current consumer culture, all while using less resources.

cassava clasp material innovation 2
it opens up into a bowl, allowing eating fast food on the go



the research for a bio-based, bio-degradable material started as an experimentation with starch. eventually, the designer stumbled upon cassava as a suitable raw material to create plastic like sheets. being able to alter the contents of the sheets and control their flexibility level, he molded the sheets the desirable, convenient form. 

cassava clasp material innovation 3
made from cassava beads


cassava clasp material innovation 4


cassava clasp material innovation 5




project info:

name: cassava clasp
designer: amogh jadhav




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