designed by jens martin skibsted in collaboration with manyone and manufactured by by danish ebike company biomega, EIN (german for ‘one’) is the world’s first intelligent, electrically assisted cycle trailer. normal trailers are a burden to cyclists because their cargo can be heavy or cumbersome making it difficult to achieve momentum. this pushed the designer to create this electric, single wheel, detachable sleek trailer that will give cyclists a much effortless ride.

biomega ein weightless cycle trailer 1
images courtesy of biomega

detects your pedal power and offers electrical assistance in proportion – making your cargo feel weightless



designer jens martin skibsted, a danish product designer and global expert on urban mobility, had the ambition to create a simple way to help people carry kids or cargo around town that was also cool and stylish. he wanted to give cyclists ‘the easiest ride of their life’ while being conscious and sustainable.

biomega ein weightless cycle trailer 2
monocoque PP shell surrounds a lightweight aluminum safety cage



biomega EIN has a built-in sensor that can detect how hard the cyclist is working. this sends an instruction to an integral electric motor which offers a level of assistance proportional to speed. in other words, more power when you need it most and no power when you don’t need it at all.

biomega ein weightless cycle trailer 3
EIN has a big appetite for cargo but is the slimmest in class



the motor is powered by a removable battery, so recharging can be done without the trailer, at home or at work making the process easy and convenient. biomega EIN is designed as a slim, aerodynamic capsule, rather than a bulky box that is difficult to maneuver or overtake in city cycle lanes. moreover, two toddlers can be carried one behind the other by clicking in their bike seats into the floor of the trailer. or, with seats removed, there is plenty of space for cargo such as boxes and bags.




it is powered by 250 watt motor (non-push electric) and has a removable lithium-ion battery that can range up to 85-150 km between charges. it is very efficient and goes from flat battery to fully charged in 5 hours and is substantially slimmer than ordinary trailers.

biomega ein weightless cycle trailer 5
the perfect cargo transport for any bike by just adding one bracket to the seat post



EIN is transferable from bike to bike by connecting to any mechanical (non-electric) and electric bike with a single click into a biomega EIN bracket, which is mounted on the seat post. it has built-in safety reflectors and child seat locking mechanism making it very safe and child-friendly. moreover, an ecosystem of accessories has been designed specifically to enhance biomega EIN’s capabilities – including a rain shield, safety roll bars, and a transparent lid. the basic trailer will be manufactured with private investment from the indiegogo crowdfunding platform.


biomega ein weightless cycle trailer 6
latches on and off any seat post in one click

biomega ein weightless cycle trailer 4
kickstand stabilizes the EIN while parked

biomega ein weightless cycle trailer 7
EIN can carry a couple of kids or cargo. popular child safety seats lock into place inside the capsule



project info:


name: biomega EIN

designer: jens martin skibsted X manyone

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