the JellyTank by florida-based designers blake and brock gratton is a desktop jellyfish aquarium customized for homes, offices or commercial spaces. the goal is to create a tank focused on the natural flow that this marine species would typically experience in the oceans whilst offering a mesmerizing, slick and fully functional product.

blake and brock gratton jellytank desktop aquarium designboom
JellyTank is built with functionality and form



so for all the jellyfish lovers out there, blake and brock gratton have made it surprisingly easier to own a bunch of them as pets in this state-of-the-art tank. based on extensive research, the JellyTank is made user-friendly and easy to maintain. to keep the animal comfortable in this habitat, the design includes a laminar water flow pattern which mimics the natural currents and conditions of open water. during nighttime, colored LED lights set the mood by emphasizing the curvy outlines of the design as well as the translucent bodies of the invertebrates floating across the aquarium. 

blake and brock gratton jellytank desktop aquarium designboom
a sleek design is accompanied with an LED lighting to set the mood



JellyTank aquarium
video © media whale



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