cozì studio morphs wood into the shape of flowers via electro-curing
photos courtesy of assaf ambram and ido adan at the saga gallery, T.A.




through cutting edge technology and traditional craftsmanship, cozì studios from israel manipulates wooden veneers to resemble the organic shape of flowers.  the ‘bloom series’ achieves its morphological shape via two sided molds shaped with exacting precision by a CNC auger and electrical curing.  the manufacturing process proceeds in three primary stages: the paper thin sheets of wood are layered and coated in wooden adhesive; each layered piece is placed within the two sided mold; and an electrical current is passed through the conductive medium, freezing the wood in a billowing form.


the works symbolize a dialogue between man and nature.  the wood is domesticated by the hands of man, only to be recast in a disparate natural form.  each brass stem is machined individually to minimize its size and highlight the warped form of the wood. 

bloom cozi designboomshop
the light is reflected of the wooden surface, bathing the room in golden light

computer generated maps guide the cnc router to create the complex form

the mold reveals the ‘negative’ of the shape the lamp will assume

the brass stem seamlessly grips the undulating curves of the wood

a detailed perspective of the wood reveals the severity of the contours achieved through the innovative shaping techniques and the finished surface


by soaking the thin wooden veneers in adhesive, they are made malleable enough so as to not distort or break when placed under extreme duress during the molding process

bloom cozi designboom250

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edited by: trevor reed | designboom