‘bluetube’ temporary bar by dose all images © carlos trancoso / dose

‘bluetube bar’, designed by portuguese  studio dose (antónio martins, carlos foyedo, and luís grilo, recent graduates of oporto university), utilizes the low-cost materials and simple construction techniques of the designers’ ‘tube-it’ system to create a temporary outdoor bar.

the project was designed for the queima das fitas do porto academic festival. charged with the constraints of a 3-meter square area and 5-meter height, dose rolled corrugated plastic tubing in a helicoid pattern around a basic structural frame. each layer was secured together with plastic clamps.

the nature of the material offers interesting lighting effects during night hours when illuminated from within.

bluetube bar by dose view looking up

bluetube bar by dose detail view

bluetube bar by dose the bar illuminated by night

bluetube bar by dose closer look

bluetube bar by dose detail on base construction

bluetube bar by dose view of doorway

bluetube bar by dose left: floor plans right: side view plan

bluetube bar by dose cutaway aerial view of interior

bluetube bar by dose structural render

bluetube bar by dose miniature working models of the structure

bluetube bar by dose construction process

time lapse video of the project’s construction

bluetube bar by dose design-aerobics 2012: POP-UP course january 17 – march 17, 2012

this online design course will take a look at temporary structures, from living quarters and exhibition stands to container stores and market stalls, exploring the concept of ‘pop-up’ architecture.

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