boa design creates flora-influenced reed lamps
all images courtesy of tomas miikule




czech studio boa design has created a set of table and pendant ‘reed’ lamps that draw influence from the simple shape of the water-bound plants. a colored textile cable runs through thin glass rods ‘stems’ of each lamp, which is then hung or run through a small glass base for table use. the bulb is located in the head of the shape, made of borosilicate glass. ‘reed’ lamp is produced in either sandblasted or textured glass, and can be placed separately or in small groups.

‘reed’ lamps

detail of hanging lights 

boa design reed lamps designboom
a clear glass base supports the table version 

boa design reed lamps designboom
colored, textile cords run through a small ‘stem’ of the object 

‘reed’ lamps as a group 

boa design reed lamps designboom
designs from the lights 

boa design reed lamps designboom
detail of lights with turquoise cord 



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