BODW forum 2012: speakers highlight – KiBiSi from left to right: jens martin skibsted, bjarke ingels and lars larsen of KiBiSi




co-founded by lars larsen, jens martin skibsted and bjarke ingels, KiBiSi became one of scandinavia’s most influential contemporary cross-disciplinary design groups, which creates everything from furniture and household objects to bicycles, aircraft and signature products for clients worldwide. larsen and skibsted are invited to be speakers of BODW 2012 to share their point of views on product design (see the full list of presenters here).


the three founders of KiBiSi come from different backgrounds. larsen’s straightforward approach to industrial design concerns disparate elements of contemporary culture. meanwhile, global design elite member skibsted applies branding, fashion and culinary concepts to the creation of radically new concepts. the two, together with bjarke ingels of BIG architects, create cross-disciplinary productsresponding to clients’ needs.

  business of design week (BODW) will be held at the hong kong convention and exhibition centre from december 3 – 8, 2012. for more information, please visit: and our facebook page.

BODW forum 2012: speakers highlight - KiBiSi shanghay chair, 2010

BODW forum 2012: speakers highlight - KiBiSi brick, versus, 2010



BODW forum 2012: speakers highlight - KiBiSi



designboom is an international media partner of the business of design week (BODW) first hosted by the hong kong design centre (HKDC) in 2002, business of design week (BODW) is a must-attend ideas exchange platform for asia’s most innovative thinkers and business leaders. now in its 10th year, BODW – as the finale of 2012 design year – continues to inspire valuable dialogue through an unrivaled blend of forums, seminars, exhibitions and outreach programmes for designers, business leaders, educators, SMEs and the public to exchange ideas and address a wide array of 21st century challenges. if you want to stay on top of cutting edge opportunities in design, technology and brand management, this is one event you won’t want to miss! this year, BODW is partnering with denmark. it is certain that it will bring about more positive changes in the people centered design and business communities.


BODW 2012hongkong convention and exhibition center 03-08.12.2012