BODW forum 2012: speakers highlight – masashi kawamura androp ‘Bell’, japan / 2011 (courtesy to warner music japan inc.) see designboom’s coverage of this project here


tokyo-born and raised in san francisco, masashi kawamura has worked as a creative director in leading advertising agencies around the globe, and he has created numerous award-winning campaigns. he is a founder and creative director of the party creative lab, which experiments with new processes that combine storytelling and technology in the forms of film, digital content, products, services, spaces, and more. he has been honoured with numerous international awards, such as cannes lions, annecy animation film festival and was chosen as fast company’s 100 most creative people in business in 2012.

BODW forum 2012: speakers highlight - masashi kawamura NHK ‘TECHNE: the visual workshop’, japan, 2012



kawamura’s work covers a wide range of mediums from tv shows, music videos, games and mobile services to digital toys – even a talking toilet! one of his significant work is an MV for the japanese band ‘sour’. the song was called ‘hibi no neiro’ (tone of everyday) has received over 3 million views on youtube. kawamura shot everything on webcams using actual fans of sour, which he recruited via social networking sites.

BODW forum 2012: speakers highlight - masashi kawamura SOUR ‘hibi no neiro’, new york, 2009



in fact, most of kawamura’s work engages with the internet, including the interactive music video game for androp called ‘bell’, and the ‘techne: the visual workshop’ for NHK which is covered online. he believes that the internet is the biggest platform to expose work to the global public – it is good to spread your message and creation to the world, not just limit it to a small group of people.


‘I love challenging things I never done or seen before,’ kawamura says. not getting restricted to any specific presentation or medium, he believes ‘the idea drives the medium’, and always chooses the best method in whic to bring that idea to life with each project he takes on.

BODW forum 2012: speakers highlight - masashi kawamura masashi kawamura



masashi kawamura will be speaking at business of design week (BODW) in hong kong. date: 3 – 8 december 2012 venue: hong kong convention & exhibition centre


for more information, please visit the official BODW website: and facebook page.


BODW forum 2012: speakers highlight - masashi kawamura



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