bombardier global 7000 luxury jet
image © bombardier business aircraft



this week designboom visited EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) in geneva, courtesy of bombardier jets – where we were shown around their latest luxury jet, the bombardier global 7000.


the global 7000 has a wingspan of 32m, a length of 34 m and can reach a top speed of mach .90. it’s capable of flying 7,300 nautical miles (approx. 13,520 km) for example, you could fly from london to singapore non-stop. it boasts a high-speed cruise, altitudes of up to 51,000 ft (15,545 m), and outstanding short-field capabilities allowing access to the most challenging airfields. the plane, which will begin flying from next year, can accommodate between 10-19 people depending on how the interior is configured through out its four section design.


timothy fagan, industrial design manager at bombardier business aircraft
photo © designboom


timothy fagan, industrial design manager at bombardier business aircraft told designboom more about the process involved in bringing the plane to market;


‘work on the global 7000 started about ten years ago; when introducing a new jet, we begin with feedback from our clients and marketing team to understand what type of product we want to bring to the market. we have to first determine how many passengers it should carry, what distance range does it need, what design and technological features should it offer etc. then over the course of several years designers and engineers of different expertise work closely together so that the plane’s exterior and interior are developed simultaneously.’ – timothy fagan


front view of the global 7000
image © bombardier business aircraft


cockpit of the global 7000
photo © designboom



the plane is designed in four sections that can be configured to suit leisure or business needs as desired. the prototype on display at EBACE 2015 – demonstrated options for group seating with tables – suitable for dining or office work, a living room with sofa and an entertainment system, a bedroom complete with double bed and a spacious bathroom that can even be kitted out with a stand-up shower (our photos illustrate the global 7000 from front to back).


galley / kitchen facilities 
photo © designboom



‘in the case of the 7000 seating and table arrangements are paired with window spacing so that the passengers always have plenty of light and a great view.’ – timothy fagan


the new global 7000 aircraft window design optimizes natural light at all seating locations and provides considerably improved viewing angles, and viewing range, seated or standing. 6 windows per zone are optimally aligned with seats and with monuments throughout all 4 living areas. a fully enclosed forward cabin provides quiet and privacy for the crew on longer flights, while a spacious galley offers a greater storage capacity allows for a larger and more varied food selection, as well as the necessary dinnerware and glassware.


front section of the plane with seating and tables
photo © designboom


set table inside the front section of the plane
photo © designboom


living room section complete with reclining sofa
image © bombardier business aircraft



‘the way that the global 7000 is designed means that there are literally thousands of ways to customise the interior from finishes to features and layouts. to develop this plane our research team travelled to see some of the best hotels in the world, we looked into the yacht market, high end furniture brands to see what the highest levels of luxury in those industries offer and to see how we could not only match those standards but go one step further. we spend a lot of time getting the details right because we know that’s what makes the difference to our clients.’ – timothy fagan


a low cabin altitude favors rest and a fresher arrival; the global 7000 aircraft cabin provides an environment equivalent to the altitude of salt lake city, utah, at 43,000 ft, and equivalent to st. moritz, switzerland, at 51,000 ft. comfort on board is enhanced through LED technology that allows for the easy and specific adjustment of the cabin ambiance in each zone, and is adaptive to your ideal activity: work, play, dining or just relaxing. 


overpacking is rarely an issue with the global 7000 offering up to 195 cubic feet of useable baggage volume, the newly configured baggage compartment offers unrestricted access during the entire flight.


on top of all this is the extreme level of customisation that bombardier offers, meaning that practically any interior look and feel can be achieved via myriad fabrics and finishes, lighting options and seating configurations. 


bedroom section
photo © designboom


bedroom section
image © bombardier business aircraft