dedicated to the cultures of surfing and skateboarding, french art gallery boom-art introduces its latest limited edition: the skateboard ‘louis XIV‘. this unique object is made out of a 300 year-old oak block salvaged from a seventeenth century french church structure — bringing together two distinct eras into one product.   

boom-art skateboard louis xiv designboom
the wooden log originates from a 300 year old oak rescued from an 1800s french church  



looking at the skateboard ‘louis XIV’, the choice of its name might seem surprising to the public: according to boom-art, this product actually serves as a table or bench with wheels — hence the allusion to a skateboard. for this exclusive collection, only five ‘skateboards’ were produced — constituting the full beam of the wodden block. thanks to the oak’s natural state, each copy is unique in its overall texture and shape. 

boom-art skateboard louis xiv designboom
the ‘louis XIV’ skateboard can be used as a home furniture — either as a table or chair with wheels 



finally, remembering one of france’s historic seventeenth century rulers, the 300-year old skateboard comes with a medal of the ‘sun king’ or ‘roi soleil’ — known in fact as louis XIV

boom-art skateboard louis xiv designboom
a ‘sun king’ french medal is placed on each board

boom-art skateboard louis xiv designboom
boom-art only produced five models for the ‘louis XIV’ limited edition

the edition of five is made out of the full oak beam  



project info: 


description: model ‘louis XIV’, edition of five
production: made in france
length: 40 cm – 16 “
width: 24 cm – 9.45 “
height: 28 cm – 11 “
weight: 20 kg



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edited by: lea zeitoun | designboom