‘ploum’ by the bouroullec brothers for ligne roset image © designboom




‘ploum’ settees are the result of a research which lead to the specific combination of two materials being used jointly: a stretchy fabric covering upholstering an ultra-flexible foam. designed by the french ronan and erwan bouroullec for furniture manufacturer ligne roset, it was presented at imm cologne and maison et objet in paris. bouroullec brothers: ploum for ligne roset ‘ploum’ image courtesy of ligne roset



the four-seater settee offers a croissant-shape form, encouraging sitters to turn towards each other around a common center. ‘we attempted to make a very comfortable contemporary settee. ‘ploum’ is a vast shape on which the whole body rests on a soft, welcoming surface. its seat is relatively low, it seems organic. perhaps the use of a stretchy fabric is like a symbolic parallel to a contemporary lifestyle, in which flexibility of use and comfort seems to us to be essential. we pictured it like a ripe, voluptuous piece of fruit.’ – ronan + erwan bouroullec

bouroullec brothers: ploum for ligne roset ‘ploum’ on display at the ligne roset booth at maison et object image © designboom



the quilted fabric employed, comprises a thick layer of polyester quilting sandwiched between two superimposed woven layers and held in place by points of stitching, offers a warm and comfortable visual aspect and an extremely high level of comfort whilst giving the body the chance to adopt a number of possible postures.

bouroullec brothers: ploum for ligne roset top 3/4 view image © designboom



its elasticity enables it to cover the continuous curve of the seats, high backs and arms in one single piece of fabric: a rhythmic repetition of points of stitching is what enables it to maintain its position. even whilst held in place by the points of stitching, the stretchy covering retains a great capacity to be elastic and then regain its original shape, enabling the hyperflexible foam to ‘play’ beneath the weight of the body and to mould itself perfectly to the shape of the user, much as the sand might do so on a beach.

bouroullec brothers: ploum for ligne roset detail of the stretch fabric covering image © designboom

bouroullec brothers: ploum for ligne roset

bouroullec brothers: ploum for ligne roset ‘ploum’ in the installation at the intramuros exhibition inside maison et objet image © designboom



this year, the bouroullec brothers have been selected as ‘creators of the year 2011’ by maison et objet, an acknowledgment of their industrial design production over the past year. in recognition of the award, paris-based international design magazine intramuros organized an exhibition of their work, also on show within maison et objet.