maison et objet: finnish furniture company artek has brought out a series of textiles illustrated with patterns created by ronan and erwan bouroullec. the designers are known for their sketches by hand, a practice that is strongly present during their creative process. with this, their recognisable style of handmade drawings have been translated into ‘rivi’ and presented at maison et objet in paris.

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displayed at maison et objet, ‘rivi’, which translates to ‘line’ in finnish, comes from the unique, natural quirks of the bouroullec’s handmade illustrations. the drawings of parallel lines that extend in both directions are carefully printed onto four different coloured fabrics coming in cotton, canvas cotton and acrylic coated cotton. the versatility of the rivi textiles is evident through the different forms the fabrics available in. from having it as pre-cut packages for DIY use, or being used in accessories including cushions, canvas bags and pouches. it is the first textile collaboration between the bouroullec brothers and artek and emphasises one of the core values of the finnish brand; celebrate the quality of imperfection.

examples of the fabrics being made into products is displayed in artek’s stand at the furniture fair
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colors include: white with blue, blue with white, white with light grey and mustard with white
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for the french designers, drawing by hand has always been an integral part of the design process
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bouroullec brothers textiles for artek comes from the unique, natural quirks of their illustrations.
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the name of the collection is ‘rivi’ – meaning ‘line’ in finnish


the textiles are available from running meter fabric to pre-cut packages for DIY use

the fabrics will be used in artek’s accessories collection

the quality of imperfection is one of the core values of artek

ronan bouroullec at their studio in paris
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erwan and ronan bouroullec
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