box clever designs a balance between sitting and standing with knoll’s HiLo seat
all images courtesy of knoll




the knoll ‘HiLo’ seat by san francisco based design studio box clever keeps users on their feet comfortable. with ever adapting offices, the dynamic perch supports people’s active workstyles. with a simple and personable design, ‘HiLo’ strikes a balance between sitting and standing, cheerful and
the possibilities with knoll ‘HiLo’




‘we conceived of HiLo to personify companionship. it’s right there, it’s ready, it’s reactive and engages with the user.’ say seth murray, box clever co-founder. 

fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of heights




box clever addressed two defining shifts in today’s work culture: a focus on well-being and the rise of the untethered work desk. its stability allows users to naturally lean, distributing their weight and supporting healthy shifts in posture – a great companion to height-adjustable desks. ‘there’s been this battle that’s been going on for a long time between is it better to stand or is it better to sit? This is the answer to that’, explains bret recor, box clever co-founder.

founders of box clever, seth murray and bret recor  

the ‘HiLo’ works with height adjustable tables 

the seat comes in a variety of different colors 

concept sketches from box clever