branch chandelier mimics tree boughs via linear aluminum tubes
all photos courtesy of KEHA3




the black branch chandelier by KEHA3 mimics the organic shape of a trees boughs by arranging aluminum tubes into a complex composition. illuminated via dimmable LEDs, the fixture achieves modernity in natural form by juxtaposing strong linearity with seemingly random configurations. each component can be manipulated, adding dynamism to an otherwise static form. the work’s modular construction allows for up to 24 piece assemblies.

branch chandelier KEHA3
the branches spread forth from the center, imitating branches leaving a tree trunk

branch chandelier keha3
the individuals components feature flexible joints enabling the user to reorient the pieces as they see fit

branch chandelier KEHA3
detail of the LED, notice how the lights are arranged externally which references the shading properties of trees

branch chandelier KEHA3

a view from below reveals the seemingly random composition which resembles looking up at a tree from below



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edited by: trevor reed | designboom