experiential branding by mother design for ZHA’s 520W28th




‘520 W 28th street’ is the first permanent residential project in new york designed by late architect zaha hadid. included as part of the hudson yards development, in the chelsea gallery district on manhattan’s west side, the building has a scarce 39 properties. units are extremely desirable, especially due to the architect’s untimely passing, leading to the need for an innovative, experiential branding identity to bring in prospective buyers.

branding identity mother design ZHA 520W28th NYC
every touchpoint is designed to be artistic, progressive, and luxurious
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design identity and sales experience (created in collaboration with HUSH) was handled by mother design, who oversaw the project alongside various creative partners including ZHA. breaking from tradition hadid, rather than the prestige of the address, was selected as the point of emphasis in the progressive approach. indeed, ‘520 W 28th street’ is presented as a priceless work of art, made all the more valuable by its singularity in the city.

branding identity mother design ZHA 520W28th NYC
sales experience — made in collaboration with HUSH — as accessed via online portal



upon entrance, guests are led past models of hadid’s more notable architectural achievements. accompanying each is a touch-screen placard that explains the project in depth with photographic documentation. afterwards, visitors are taken into a darkened theatre where an immersive video explores the iconic hadid as architect and individual, and runs through specifics regarding the building. hidden doors then open upon a fully-furnished sample apartment with a table that, when touched, reveals an interactive surface to further investigate the property’s countless details. 


video courtesy of HUSH

branding identity mother design ZHA 520W28th NYC
‘zaha hadid 520 west 28th’ branding identity developed by mother design

sales gallery model



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