‘your clock’ by breadedescalope design studio all images courtesy of breaded escalope design studio

vienna-based breadedescalope design studio has created ‘your clock’, a device that holds time still
until you are ready to pull the trigger and allow it to pass. the concept arose from the idea of human efficiency
verses inefficiency and the effect that clocks have in our daily lives. by having more control over the chronometer itself,
it gives the user an excuse to be inefficient, allowing them to stop focusing on the passage of time
and enjoy hovering in timelessness. when ready, pulling the cord and causes the numbers to flip until they are updated.
although the concept has been applied to new models, an existing 70’s flip-clock has also been modified
to incorporate the device. 
the timepiece is currently on display in milano at ‘o’clock. time, design, design time’ in the triennale design museum.
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breadedescalope design studio: your clock pulling the cord updates the time shown on the clock 

breadedescalope design studio: your clock modification of an ordinary flip clock

breadedescalope design studio: your clock detail 15H x 31W x 13D cm (5.9H x 12.2W x 5.1D inches)

‘your clock / breadedescalope’ by be-studio