‘BREIL chroncentric’ wristwatch by nick lendon

the ‘chroncentric’ wristwatch, developed by british industrial designer nick lendon, provides the time in both analogue and a mock digital-type format, utilizing conventional hands alongside three independent discs that each revolve independently to depict the digits of the hour. ‘chroncentric’ has been shortlisted in designboom’s international design time BREIL competition, in which the renowned italian watchmakers asked participants to design the next icon in watch culture.

the unusual rotating number dials of the watchface correspond to the intervals of minutes, displayed in five minute increments and making on revolution every 60 minutes; ten minutes, moving 36° each ten minutes; and hour (a single mechanism controlling what appears to be two discs). the dials are finished in colours that match the watchhands.

the device is focused around the concept of ‘revolution’, both in its display format and its aesthetic details. the rippled surface of the watch is highlighted in the center of the face, but is repeated throughout the links of the chain. a stainless steel body, capable of being treated by a range of colours and finishes, is complemented by rubber elements and finished in aluminum. ‘[chronocentric] looks to the future,‘ sums up lendon, ‘albeit with a respectful nod to the past.‘

BREIL chroncentric by nick lendon the device makes use of both conventional watch hands and a mock-digital system of independently rotating discs

BREIL chroncentric by nick lendon exploded view

BREIL chroncentric by nick lendon front, profile, and back views

BREIL chroncentric by nick lendon

the ‘design time BREIL international design competition’ asked participants to develop the next icon in watch culture. 3037 designers from 96 different countries submitted their concepts, which jurors narrowed down a shortlist of 100 entries from which three winners were selected. read the original call for entries, or browse the list of the three winning designers (visuals and details not yet released).

and keep posted to designboom: next week we’ll open the list of shortlisted entries for viewing, as well as publishing more featured submissions. and mark your calendars for salone del mobile 2012, april 17th to 22nd, where designboom and BREIL will showcase the designs and prototypes of the three winning designs!