‘electric chess set’

american architect, design consultant and competitive chess player brent blake has designed an ‘electric chess set’ that uses plug bases, sockets, bulbs and ceramic elements as its main components. the choice of using a mirrored plexi glass board surface and white laminate base was an aesthetic decision to enhance the sculptural aspects of this functional set.

brent blake: electric chess set

transparent, colored and clear bulbs become the typical chess pieces. instead of shape and form, color is used to distinguish the pieces from each other and serves as reminder to users of their roles.

brent blake: electric chess set brent blake with his electric chess set design

when pieces are captured they are placed in the side sockets which are not powered, thus, implying the message ‘lights out for those pieces’. the bulbs have low wattage (7w pawns and 11w for the rest) making it not too hot to the touch for users. the set has a dimmer to control the brightness of the bulbs.

brent blake: electric chess set the electric chess set will be showcased during ‘big deal art show party’ at moses lake museum & art center in moses lake, washington on august 21st, 2010