bric a brac by onion at milan design week 2015
all images © narut vatanopas




‘bric a brac’ is a thought out, direct representation of thai materials and culture. traditionally, there is no clear distinction to what actually is a bathroom, and what’s not: usually certain walls or open air buildings are used. the thai people have for generations used the bathroom wherever they pleased. onion, decided to create an object that signified this way of life. ‘bric a brac’ is part wall, part modular hanging system. it’s meant to hold small things like toilet paper or pa kao ma–thai towel; but it can also easily hold the weight of a three-year old

‘bric a brac’ embodies thai design and lifestyle




onion’s design was developed on the brief for ‘the space of beauty’ for milan design week 2015. luxury of bath is their chosen focus; they also developed a white ceramic addition for interior use. the clean, crisp surfaces feature a touch of the distinctly thai color siladon green


‘bric a brac’ will be presented at ventura lambrate in ‘another perspective 3 ‘space of beauty” supported by COTTO, during milan design week 2015

the modular wall is made of locally-sourced bricks

for bananas, or toilet paper; or toilet paper and towels, plus a child, and maybe some fruit too

a flower stuck in ‘bric a brac’

traditionally a wall or open area is chosen for a bathroom 

various items lodged into the wall

detail of units

exterior version 

interior unit with siladon green



project info:


designers: onion (arisara chaktranon and siriyot chaiamnuay) with ML chittawadi chitrabongs
ceramic artist : a small studio
photography: narut vatanopas
constructor: choice interiors co. ltd. 



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