Joshua Woodsman unveils experimental garden hut


Within a lush plot in the Czech Republic, Gardenrobe by Joshua Woodsman takes shape as an experimental hybrid between a cabinet and a garden hut. This 20-to-4-foot (6-to-1-meter) shed serves many functions, including varying-size storage spaces, a chicken coop, a rainwater collector, and, because of the small solar panel, a source to power the light, and, of course, charge your gadgets. This unique building is made up of wooden beams and waterproof construction plywood.experimental shed gardenrobe pin up houses 1
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easy assembly and multiple features


Since Gardenrobe is secured by ground screws, it can be easily disassembled and reassembled in any location. This is made possible by a clever, red-painted frame that supports the lightweight roof while at the same time providing the structure into which different storage boxes can be fitted. Individual parts of the frame are secured by nuts and bolts. The structure’s raised pigeon loft, which provides this horizontal shelter with a useful vertical counterweight, is by far its most prominent feature. By far, the most dominant feature of Gardenrobe is its raised pigeon loft, which gives this horizontal shed a practical vertical counterbalance.


The experimental prototype is introduced as part of the research by Pin-up Houses, Joshua Woodsman’s architectural firm. The international studio has launched ongoing research into the feasibility of recycled environmentally friendly small houses. ‘This concept is based on our long-term experience with tiny house construction, creating easy-to-follow plans and books for DIY constructors.’ Woodsman shares.experimental shed gardenrobe pin up houses 2


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experimental shed gardenrobe pin up houses 4



project info:


name: Gardenrobe
architect: Joshua Woodsman – Pin-Up Houses 
design team: Joshua Woodsman (Vojtěch Valda), Václav Valda, Jakub Kobera
location: Czech Republic


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