‘bågar’ by fredrik hansson of brikolör all images courtesy of brikolör

brikolör (victor alm, mathias eriksson, fredrik hansson, sami kallio) is a company that designs and manufactures furniture based in göteborg, sweden. their most recent project is ‘bågar’ designed by fredrik hansson which is an architectural storage unit that features ‘arched windows’, making the furniture object look like that of a building façade. made from varnished MDF, it comes either 2- or 4-bows wide, and is available in several colors. the varying sections are available in three separate heights. each unit is made by hand from certified cabinet makers in sweden.

brikolör: bagar front view

brikolör: bagar the unites come in varying heights and 2- or 4- bow widths

brikolör: bagar details

brikolör: bagar demonstrating how the pieces can be stacked

brikolör: bagar mock-ups

brikolör: bagar mock-ups

brikolör: bagar sketch

brikolör: bagar technical drawing and measurements

brikolör: bagar

brikolör: bagar color variations

brikolör: bagar ‘bågar’ on display as part of the ’20 designers at biologiska’ exhibition

‘bågar’ made its debut at the ’20 designers at biologiska’ at the biologiska museet during the stockholm furniture fair 2011.