bruketa&zinic: kvarner visual identity
‘kvarner’ logo

the new visual identity for kvarner county tourism office has been developed by
advertising agency bruketa & zinic. throughout history, kvarner located in croatia
has been known as an intersection of four transport routes. according to bruketa & zinic,
the very name kvarner evokes this quadrant, navigational spatial orientation. this
is why the source of this visual identity proposal begins with the familiar symbol of the
wind rose, which also includes references to navigation, four-sided spatial orientation
and wind direction. this motif is then divided into simple geometrical visual elements,
their simple forms and colors creating a kind of ‘toolbox’ for further development of
the visual identity of the kvarner region and each one of its individual parts.

bruketa&zinic: kvarner visual identity
derivation of the kvarner logo for each individual parts of the kvarner region

bruketa&zinic: kvarner visual identity
from initial concept images to final branding applications of the new identity