bruketa&zinic: spam jam
‘be the biggest out of all your friends…’
all images courtesy of bruketa&zinic

croatian agency bruekta&zinic deals with branding, design, advertising and digital communications.
their recent project is a limited edition designers’ picture book – published by igepa – brings attention
to the ‘spam’ box’ and world of possibilities it could provide!

you can easily have a big winkie, a girl from kentucky who loves you and a million bucks
from a friendly banker from nigeria – if only your computer wouldn’t classify such lifetime
offers as junk mail

bruketa&zinic: spam jam
‘how’s your woody?’

when compiling the book, bruketa&zinic OM agency asked themselves a few questions:
what do we really expect from life? how do we imagine the world?

every day, in existential endeavours and unrestrained moral boundaries of their local communities,
millions of spammers send messages to unknown people all around the world,
containing offers they believe will inspire their most hidden desires.
do junk folders hide a real image of the human race? who are we, really,
stripped bare of moral categories?

for the book entitled ‘spam jamp’,  they peeked into a forgotten junk mail folder and created an
illustrated story that depicts a world we secretly yearn for. the book contains 52 pages of
original illutrations. printed on igepa paper, it is divided into three parts:
spam data, spam messages and spam future.

‘spam data’ abounds with various, more or less well-known facts about what spam is
and what it most often promotes. it also includes some spam statistics.
‘spam messages’ contains various representative spam messages and ‘spam future’
concludes the story with a futurist vision of spam as seen by the authors of the book.

bruketa&zinic: spam jam
‘make your fat friends envy you!’

in a spam jam world you could be in top form in less than a month, with a perfectly chiseled body,
a large penis and a pile of gold that would buy at a terrific bargain. surely you would life to be
a hundred because of all the fantastic products that are offered. and all of that from the comfort
of your armchair. all you need is an e-mail address. no wonder the term ‘spam’ comes from one of
monty python’s flying circus sketches. it is totally appropriate
– nebojsa cvetkovic, art director and illustrator of bruketa& zinic OM

bruketa&zinic: spam jam
‘some are excited to meet someone with an unusual claim to fame. some want to beat me up on the spot.’ – gary thuerk, the world’s first e-mail spammer

bruketa&zinic: spam jam
‘beautiful kentucky woman looking for a soulmate.’

bruketa&zinic: spam jam
‘how himalayan goji juice can give you more energy…’

bruketa&zinic: spam jam
‘transaction reward’

bruketa&zinic: spam jam
‘thanks to anatrim you can achieve a healthy lifestyle and become really fit!

bruketa&zinic: spam jam
‘spam jam’ front cover