BU water uses bamboo filter to provide sustainable substitute to throwaway bottles
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over 50 billion disposable plastic water bottles are thrown away from around the world every year. BU ‘water’ aims to bring an innovative alternative to singles bottles. a sustainable alternative, the 100% natural charcoal bamboo filter works by removing chemicals and odors out of tap water, making it easy for the body to absorb. the team at BU products used traditional japanese methods to transform the bamboo into activated charcoal; this done by cutting the stalk to size and treating it in a specially designed kiln. unlike other filters, this one doesn’t rely on unnatural resins to provide its final shape. once all used up, the filter can be crushed and buried in a garden, releasing nutrients into the soil and helping plants grow. 


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the charcoaling process opens up millions of tiny pores within the bamboo’s structure, creating a huge surface area of activated charcoal with countless bonding sites. chemicals from the water are then attracted to these sites where they become trapped. bad odors and chemicals such as chlorine are absorbed by the filter while it simultaneously releases minerals such as potassium and magnesium back into the water to create a crisp taste.

the company used a japaense method to transform the bamboo into activated charcoal




buyers can personalize their bottle by choosing their favorite color. there are four different variations of the ‘BU water’ bottle – blue, pink and green and natural wood. the natural model has a leather strap and black filter clip whilst the colored variants have a rubber strap and matching clip. BU is a small team based in london who share a passion for sustainable design which has led to the creation of BU ‘water’. every water bottle purchased will provide access to clean water to someone in need. the company is looking for manufacturing funds on kickstarter with plans to ship in may 2016. 

BU-products-BU-water-bottle-designboom-04 the water bottle is 238 mmBU-products-BU-water-bottle-designboom-05 the charcoal filter is decomposable BU-products-BU-water-bottle-designboom-06 the assembly of the BU ‘water’