studio cheha’s bulbing lamp etches acrylic to create 3D appearance
all photos courtesy of studio cheha




studio cheha begins its design process from the basis of re-imagining everyday objects. by deviating from accepted norms to create completely new items, they do away with stodgy traditional design elements. the most recent result of this novel approach is the ‘bulging 2D and 3D lamps’. available for pre-order on kickstarter they come in three variations: ZIGGi, DESKi, and CLASSi. each edition creates a bigger and brighter optical illusion than the original members of the ‘bulbing’ series of lamps. the 3D appearance is achieved via detailed etching of the 2D acrylic.

ziggi bulbing designboom
‘ziggi’ version bends the supporting structure to recreate the classic desktop lamp

deski bulbing designboom
a view of the ‘deski’ version presents a strong linearity 

classi designboom
‘classi’ edition gives the impression of being viewed from behind

bulbing collection designboom 1
the entire series together reveals the complex forms etched acrylic can achieve

bulbing collection designboom 2
the lamps are at home in contemporary settings

bulbing collection designboom 4
it is important to remember each lamp is composed of a single sheet of acrylic

bulbing lamp studio cheha
the reflection of the lamp in the screen of a laptop reveals its 2D character

bulbing designboom 6
at home on a bookshelf

bulbing lamp studio cheha
a profile view of the lamp reveals how thin the acrylic truly is

bulbing lamp studio cheha
detail of ‘ziggi’ shows how by varying the width and the proximity of the cuts a 3D appearance is achieved

bulbing lamp studio cheha
detail of ‘classi’ shows how the impression of depth is accomplished via a thin medium



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edited by: trevor reed | designboom