following the giant crowns handed out to customers in germany to ensure social distancing, burger king is back with another (silly?) idea to help us accommodate easily into this new normal — a branded mask. created by burger king belgium in collaboration with buzzman agency, and limited to only 500 pieces, the masks aren’t traditional branded cover-ups, but actually a tool that can help us keep safe while helping us communicate.

burger king prints face masks with the customer's order on it
‘a large whopper combo, fries and diet coke please’
images courtesy of burger king belgium



‘there’s no getting around it: mouth masks are ubiquitous today,’ comments burger king belgium on its official release. ’but why settle for a simple and mainstream piece of blue fabric when you can make a real statement with your mask?’ not sure if wanting extra sweet chili sauce is a statement, but it will sure help both burger king’s employees and its customers to easily communicate while their mouths are covered.

burger king prints face masks with the customer's order on it
‘you still do the pepper king right?’



overall, this new mask by burger king is fun, functional and safe. by wearing it, you know you are complying with local mask requirements while your cravings will be displayed loud and clear. for those who are more on the shy side, this is the perfect accessory to overcome being timid as you just have to show up with your mask, point at it, and your order will be delivered instantaneously — that’s if you’re inside a burger king restaurant in belgium or luxembourg.


to get the masks just comment with your order on burger king’s facebook page or create an instagram story stating what you would like. masks will be available in belgium and luxembourg.

burger king prints face masks with the customer's order on it
‘could I just take a sweet chilli sauce plase?’



project info:


name: burger king mask

created by: burger king belgium

in collaboration with: buzzman