lamalight from buşra tunç with atölye labs welcomes interiors with open arms




lamalight is an adaptable lighting unit that can respond to a variety of environments. rather than suggesting a singular use, it can transform through its kinetic joints and adjustable lighting modules. the flexible lamp draws its influence from a single line, giving it a minimalist form plus compact design. it can be packed up and stored with it’s foldable body which enables effortless transportation for whenever the user wishes to relocate.

single line unfolds into a variety of shapes




it caters for over ten scenarios via its rotatable elbows, serving as a desk lamp, wall sconce or a ceiling pendant. led’s are placed on two surfaces that carry multiple switch outputs. aside from its form, features such as dimming, color temperature shifting and a stand-alone power system with batteries enhance its range of use. lamalight is made out of robust aluminium blocks that are first CNC-milled and then refined using traditional manufacturing methods with turning on a lathe. the lamp introduces its custom designed 270-degree rotatable stainless steel joints. 


video courtesy of atölye labs




built with local craftsmen, all of the prototyping processes were conducted within a ten kilometre radius of the istanbul-based design studio. this fostered an approach by making use of their technical expertise and enabled rapid iteration. the project initially responded to the needs of atölye labs, a creativity and interaction platform based also based in istanbul. the product is within the lighting accessory range of CNVS, a spin-off design venture of the platform, focusing on a new generation of workspaces. this accessory represents the start of kinetic and responsive lighting elements within their portfolio.


easy transportation enables the lamp to fit into unusual environments 




lamalight’s concept and design has been developed by buşra tunç, architect and light artist, in collaboration with the atölye labs’ team, who have expertise in electronics, graphics, materials and user experience. it was showcased for the first time in milan design week 2016 and will be launched on kickstarter.




illuminates book case and can also act as a reading lamp 

atolye labs lamalight