buster bulb uses LED technology to provide energy-efficient lighting
images courtesy of buster + punch




displaying elegance, individuality and purity, the buster + punch ‘buster bulb’ enhances LED technology to provide a more energy-efficient lighting alternative than incandescent and filament lights. sourcing influence from the eddison filament bulb, its teardrop-shaped glass shell is available in a choice of three colors; warm gold, smoked grey or bright crystal. the intriguing design features a centered resin light pipe that allows an ambient glow to diffuse through the sides and reflect to create a focused spot light too.

the teardrop-shaped glass are finished with a satin metallic sheen




‘buster + punch are a small independent company that make things, so when we decided to take on the challenge to build the world’s first designer LED bulb people thought we were mad! – clearly there was a 99% chance that one of the bigger guys would beat us to it.’ said massimo buster minale, founder & co-designer.


‘as I sit here today writing this, we all feel a massive sense of pride, not just because we managed to build what we think is a great looking piece of design, but because this simple light bulb might just help the everyman save a little bit of money and help the environment at the same time.





topped off with a satin metallic sheen, the ‘buster bulb’ not only provides crisp, clean quality but also saves energy and money. it consumes just 1/20th of the resources of traditional bulbs and lasts seven times longer than them too – it is said that it has a life expectancy of up to 10,000 hours.

the warm gold version


the smoked grey buster bulb


the bright crystal edition


the components and parts of the buster bulbs