Buster + Punch’s 10th anniversary interior collection


In 2013, home fashion label Buster + Punch emerged from a garage in East London, with a refreshing stance on everyday detailing and fittings that elevated them into ultra-desirable, must-have pieces. Founded by Massimo ‘Buster’ Minale, a creator renowned as an architect by day and maker of custom motorcycles by night, his work has become a pioneer of high-end solid metal collections.


Nowadays, the Buster + Punch name is synonymous with versatility, containing a repertoire of products that span from lighting to furniture, accessories, hardware, and a bespoke kitchen with ground-breaking electricity switches, dimmers and sockets. The metal expert has also reimagined the LED light bulb, introducing a range of new forms and softening the usual stark, bright white to a warm glow.

buster + punch celebrates decade of metal craft with interior collection
founded by architect and part-time motorbike builder Massimo Buster Minale, Buster + Punch has brought sharp design and skilled metalworking to domestic hardware



buster + punch’s attention to metal detail


The Buster + Punch brand is rooted in Minale’s love of hand-crafting custom motorcycles combined with his passion for architecture and design. His motorcycle clients began commissioning one-off interior pieces and detailing for their homes. In Minale’s architectural career working for for Richard Rogers and Foster & Partners, he struggled to find premium hardware and fittings for his architecture projects. Based on this clearly established gap in the market, the Buster + Punch brand was born.


The Buster + Punch ethos puts hardware, detailing and fittings on par with statement pieces of furniture as key considerations for architects and interior designers when embarking on new projects. Projects, from small renovations to large-scale premium builds, feature products with the highest attention to detail by the metal specialist.

buster + punch celebrates decade of metal craft with interior collection
the brand’s range now stretches from ruggedly handsome sockets and switches through lighting, furniture and accessories to LED light bulbs



Three signature looks


Buster + Punch is defined by three signature ‘looks’ – Cast, Cross or Linear – which consistently runs through their various collections. Expanding the options further are the brand’s finishes that bring even more personality to architectural spaces. It’s a simple, yet foolproof, three-step process of choosing a look, picking the desired finish, and finally, specifying hardware, switches, lighting and more.


Two collections in particular summon up the brand’s appeal and have powered global growth. The signature Cross Hardware Collection features a timeless and tactile cross-knurled diamond pattern, while the Electricity range sees everyday interior details like light switches, dimmers and outlets turned into solid metal icons. With satisfying analogue actions reminiscent of a music producer’s soundboard and classic valve amps, both designs combine a clarity of function with rock-solid ruggedness and reliability.

buster + punch celebrates decade of metal craft with interior collection
as an architect exasperated by the lack of well-designed, premium hardware, Minale spotted and filled a clear gap in the market



The power of detailing


The brand’s collections give architects and interior designers a huge scope for combining products, furniture, lighting and detailing into a cohesive aesthetic. A fact that’s been embraced across the globe in residential and contract interiors. From Michelin-starred restaurants to members-only cocktail bars, concert halls and hotels to elegant apartment renovations and alpine retreats. It’s a recipe for design that unlocks the power of good detailing as the foundation for a successful interior.

buster + punch celebrates decade of metal craft with interior collection

buster + punch celebrates decade of metal craft with interior collection
Buster + Punch’s rock-solid Electricity range nods to the analogue elegance and functional clarity of classic valve amp controls



Elevated interiors


In 2023, ten years and a long way from the garage of its birth, Buster + Punch has lost none of its love for using solid metals to enhance and elevate interiors and architecture. It remains a brand with the lean, agile energy of an underground fashion label, a strong sense of identity and an attitude that’s unmistakable.

buster + punch celebrates decade of metal craft with interior collection
a trusted go-to for architects and interior designers, Buster + Punch’s hardware and fittings now feature in the smartest homes and hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants and concert halls



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featured collections: Cross Hardware Collection | Electricity Collection