having already designed a beach lounge in hayama for CABaN in collaboration with tomorrowland on japan’s morito beach, david guarino (founder of a zillion ideas) has now realized a boutique shop for the brand in the renovated kansai KYOTO BAL building. the retail space expresses the theme of a luxury resort, boasting a warm atmosphere thanks to the use of natural materials — primarily wood — used throughout. 

david guarino-caban hayama kyoto-designboom-002
palettes are used to form the structural columns of the retail space, which also act as planters



the french-born, japan-based creative turned to his previous work on the waterfront CABaN café, lounge and terrace, by employing the palettes he used in that build to construct the supporting columns found throughout the lifestyle shop. placed vertically, their openings act as planters, adding a lively sense of greenery to the interior scheme.

david guarino-caban hayama kyoto-designboom-003
the retail space gives the feeling of a luxury resort boasting a warm atmosphere through the use of wood



CABaN kyoto not only sells its own original label clothing, but also acts as a retailer for a number of international fashion brands such as dosa, golden goose deluxe brand, james perse, lemaire, sunspel and thomas maier. guarini’s scheme for tomorrowland has therefore been conceived in such a way that highlights the CABaN line independently, setting it apart from the rest of the store. 

david guarino-caban hayama kyoto-designboom-004
back lit photography of the original ‘CABaN hayama’ lines the wall 



while warm wood defines the main retail area, the section of the shop where the CABaN line is featured, is characterized by whitewashed walls and floors which further emphasize the beachy resort feel. ocean snapshots, and blue and white nautical details accentuate the theme, giving the interior a breezy, island feel.


overall, the beach house mood of CABaN kyoto offers a relaxing atmosphere for customers to browse the goods on display.

david guarino-caban hayama kyoto-designboom-005
nautical details such as blue and white fabrics along the upholstered display areas add to resort theme

david guarino-caban hayama kyoto-designboom-006
view into the CABaN retail area

david guarino-caban hayama kyoto-designboom-007
the CABaN line is showcased in a space that features whitewashed walls and floors, emphasizing a beach house feel

david guarino-caban hayama kyoto-designboom-008
a theme of ‘luxury resort boutique’ is instilled throughout the retail space

david guarino-caban hayama kyoto-designboom-009
CABaN hayama kyoto bal sells its own original label clothing and a number of international fashion brands

david guarino-caban hayama kyoto-designboom-010
the boutique offers a relaxing atmosphere for customers to browse the goods on display